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The Phlora Advantage for Research

The Phlora Advantage for Research

  • Uniform Customizable Environment

    Grow what you need, consistently, with the most complete and customizable vertical indoor production system.

  • More and Better Data

    Harvest every facet of data your research needs with our powerful and precise data collection capabilities.

  • The Best People, Always Available

    Work with world leaders in controlled environment agriculture, and our highly-trained staff are on call whenever you need help.

The Phlora Platform
for Research

Our patent-pending architecture leverages data, knowledge, and technology to produce recipes for optimum growth on a per-plant basis. Researchers can take advantage of our:


Advanced plant environmental control chambers


Instrumentation to measure plant attributes


Sensor and data acquisition systems


Software and programing to deploy sophisticated environmental strategies


Expert advice in plant physiology and environmental technology.

  • “Grafted Growers/SIGS was quick to respond to our inquiry. They helped us by meeting our immediate needs for growing space while our own was being prepared. Working with the Grafted Growers/SIGS team was a pleasure, and I would recommend them to anyone seeking a quality indoor controlled growing environment.”


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Data Insights

Our controlled environment space is outfitted with sensors, controllers, and data loggers that track and record all environmental and plant response data to the minute, which we can provide to you for analysis, or our specialists can collect into custom analysis reports.

Types of plant data collected can include:

  • Net photosynthetic rate
  • Anthocyanin concentration
  • Chlorophyll concentration
  • Leaf area
  • Fresh mass
  • Dry mass
  • Number of leaves
  • Yield

Types of plant data collected can include:

Work With
Agritech Experts

We are agricultural and horticultural scientists, engineers and business leaders focused on utilizing controlled environment agriculture to better global plant agri-businesses. Our facility’s staff is rigorously trained to handle complex research requests.

Staff performs all preparation, configuration and maintenance of the growth chambers and any routine plant care requested, including watering, fertilization and pest control.

Our facilities are continuously monitored and maintained, and our staff members are on call 24 hours a day to respond to environmental control problems before they adversely affect experiments in progress.

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