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The Phlora Advantage

The Phlora Advantage

  • Healthy, Hardy and High-Performing Plants

    Our plants grow bigger and faster. The Phlora platform optimizes photosynthesis and maximizes the growth and yield of plants.

  • Conditioned and Enhanced for Use

    Our plants outperform others. The Phlora platform conditions and enhances plants’ molecular structure and modulates physical expression to meet growers’ specifications and needs.

  • Young Plants Grown to Specs

    The Phlora platform customizes plant material to be ready for use by the grower for specific growing conditions from the field, to the greenhouse, to vertical farms.

The Phlora Platform

Our platform addresses crop loss, yield fluctuation, resource scarcity and labor
shortages by providing growers with healthy, reliable and customized young plants.

Environmental Control at the Plant Canopy

Dynamic CO2 Concentration Management

Dynamic and Precise Vapor Pressure Deficit Control

Precise Relative Humidity Control

Vertical and Variable Airflow Velocity

Low Temperature Gradient

Optimal Resource Allocation

Universal Oscillating Growth Chamber

  • Proven

    High Quality Vegetables
    Seedlings for all Growers

    Our first successful licensing was in the Vegetable Speciality Crop market via Joint Venture Partner Grafted Growers.

  • Proven

    High Density Production
    of Cannabis Clones

    Phlora Canna-Clone™ Modules are deployed into the Cannabis and Hemp market via licensing partnership with Strong Agronomy and Coastal Sun Cannabis.

  • Proven

    Enhanced Vegetable Seedlings

    • Commercial Scales Nursery
    • First to Flower
    • Custom Plant Traits
    • High Uniformity
    • Best Plant on the Market
  • Proven

    Superior Cannabis Clones

    • Commercial Scale Clone Production
    • High-Density / Small Footprint
    • High Conversion > 90
    • Compact Morphology
    • Best Plant on the Market

Agritech Innovators

We are passionate plant people dedicated to advancing and economically benefiting agriculture processes.

Dr. Ricardo Hernandez

Chief R&D Officer

  • Plant Physiologist and controlled environment agriculture world expert
  • Extensive training in horticultural systems and scalable growing techniques
  • Published industry expert
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John J. Jackson Sr.

CEO & General Manager

  • 16+ years in business development and operations management
  • Technology services industry expert
  • Launched and grew businesses across the tech industry
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  • “One of my main goals as a co-founder of Phlora is to build upon my life’s work of innovative discovery, design and development through rigorous research, and use it to provide economic value to the global agricultural industry. Phlora provides this opportunity and allows me to convert research to reality for the benefit of the global community.”

    Dr. Ricardo Hernandez

    Chief R&D Officer

  • “Phlora represents an opportunity to change global agriculture for the better, for everyone, everywhere by improving it from the start; at the PLANT. Reducing pest, disease, water usage, land use and other recourses, while giving plant the best start possible; the benefit of Phlora extends from the plant to the people”

    John J. Jackson Sr.

    CEO & General Manager

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